Educational Programming

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New Genres Art Space has two primary educational programs—the Five-Tier Educational Support Program (FTESP) and the Education in Motion Program (EMP).

Five-Tier Educational Support Program

Immersive 3-day professional development program for Rockford Public School teachers.

Immersive 3-day professional development program for Rockford Public School teachers.

The Five-Tier Educational Support Program provides sustainable and life-long educational opportunities, in which participants learn fundamental skills in technology through creating digital art and animation. The FTESP supports an individual starting at a young age by offering free animation classes, then learning digital art in the school classroom from a curriculum we helped develop with their teachers, subsequently receiving hands-on experience through NGAS internships in teaching and administration at the college level, and finally having the opportunity to be employed as a contracted teaching artist with NGAS upon graduation—teaching the next generation of that may be taking a free animation class for the first time.

  1. Free youth and teen classes: The first-tier of our educational support program focuses on exposing students to digital equipment, software, and technology at a young age.

  2. After School Program and Summer Camp: The second-tier expands upon the introductory free classes of the first-tier by providing more in-depth and hands-on experience with art and technology in a Digital Summer Camp and an After-School Program.

  3. Professional development for teachers: The Third-tier of our educational support program focuses on supporting and assisting district teachers in developing and delivering technology based art curriculums in their classroom. 

  4. Internships for current college students: The fourth-tier offers multidisciplinary internships that are tailored to student’s specific interest: teaching, art administration, design, curating, and outreach.

  5. Paid teaching opportunities: Our fifth-tier prioritizes hiring our alumnus as contracted teachers.


Education in Motion Program


The Education in Motion Program provides art and technology educational opportunities to communities in remote locations or to community members who do not have access to transportation. By traveling to the participants’ location to provide classes and workshops, the EMP not only allows more community members access to technology and art, but affords them the ability to learn in a familiar environment. By conducting classes in the participants’ environment with the exact resources and materials available to them, the lessons and skills learned can be more easily duplicated for independent practice and therefore more sustainable.

Since we believe in therapeutic benefits in teaching animation, some locations we look to work with include local school districts (students and educators included), local hospitals and hospices, homeless shelters, art therapy groups, immigrant and refugee support organizations, direct support facilities, and other socially engaged organizations.