What do we do?


Classes and Workshops

Giving students agency through freedom of creating their own worlds, making their own decisions in terms of what stories they tell, as well as how they represent themselves and others can be one of the most powerful tools of teaching and relationship-building.

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Our exhibition program focuses on showing underrepresented artists working in digital, time-based, performance, or experimental art. There are three featured exhibitions a year : Summer, Fall, and Spring.

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Artist Residency

Rockford based artist, Javier Jimenez is our first Artist in Residence. Jimenez will use NGAS’s equipment, space, and skills for one year that will culminate to a time-based or experimental solo exhibition.

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Speaker Series

The Speaker Series kicks off as a series of free public talks by visual artists and cultural producers in Rockford, Illinois. This series provides a platform for the cultural producers to share their history, practice, and ideas with the Rockford area community. All talks will be recorded and submitted to the Rockford Visual Art Archive.

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Rockford Visual Art Archive

The Rockford Visual Art Archive focuses on actively maintaining an open archive of current and past Rockford area artists and art events.

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Digital Media Art Collection

Art collections are an important in preserving and contextualizing art. New Genres Art Space looks to collect new media, digital, time-based, and emerging artworks that are not traditionally collected by major institutions.

  • Image: Adam Farcus, Protest Song (video still), 2018. 8 minutes 6 seconds.

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