Rockford Visual Art Archive.


The Rockford Visual Art Archive focuses on actively maintaining an open archive of current and past Rockford area artists and art events. This archiving initiative promotes active cataloging and fosters the preservation of the artists as well as visual art events and exhibitions that continually shape Rockford’s art scene.

Rockford Visual Art Archive files can include a variety of materials such as resumes, posters, photographs, artist statements, articles, gallery notices, videos (no thumb-drive) and exhibition catalogs. NGAS only accepts hardcopy files of printed ephemera.

In addition to files on individual artists, we are also interested in material on past and present art projects, groups and spaces in the Rockford area.

Materials can be submitted during an archiving event, open hours, scheduled appointment or mailed to New Genres Art Space, Nordlof Center, 118 N Main St, Rockford, IL 61101.


Items we do accept (including but not limited to):

  • Resumes

  • Documentation of openings (photographs, film, video)

  • Exhibition cards or announcement cards

  • Posters, flyers, other printed ephemera

  • Newspaper articles, printed television press

  • Reviews: printed reviews in magazines. We also accept online reviews that have been printed out!

  • Videos: If digital they must be on a thumb-drive. Otherwise, tapes, VHS, DAT, CD, and DVD will will be accepted.

  • Catalogues

  • Artist statements


Image: Postcard from Skuggi Gallery exhibition Comrades in Art. Pictured: Scott Long, Richard Zillhart, and Jim Julin.

Postcard reads:

Skuggi’s Jim Julin joins in showing artwork with seven men whose work has inspired and shaped the way he works: Mike Felse, John Fraser, George Garner, Matt Herbig, Bob McCauley, Greg Miller, and Roland Poska.

Also featured at Skuggi will be: Bethany Bachman, John Deill, Lynn Fisher, Paula Hunkins, Chris Julin, R. Scott Long, Maggie Thienemann, Adrianna Villagomez, Matthew Vincent, Betsy Youngquist, and Richard Zillhart

Skuggi Gallery
619 7th Street
Rockford, Illinois